Windows Replacement Thornhill, ON.

Now, here are telltale signs your window has outlived its good days and require a repair,

  • Rotten weal window sills
  • Weak window frames
  • Shifty window casings
  • Leaky windows
  • Difficulty in closing or opening
  • Rain tends to come in even if the doors are closed
  • Old and pale looking windows

Experiencing two or more of the above? Your window has stayed through the wear and tear and it's time you get a replacement. Are Thornhill ON and in need of a broken window Replacement? Call Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., for the perfect window replacement. We pay attention to detail, we are experienced and even better, and we are fast and affordable. Call us today at +(647) 277-5052

Who are we?

Windows Replacement Thornhill, ON.

Thornhill Window and Glass Repair is your one-stop business for everything window and glass repair in Thornhill Ontario Canada. We are registered as a window repair business under state laws and have been in operation for the past three years.
At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair, we have served about two hundred residents in Thorn hill within the time of our inception and we have delivered to them exactly their desired window and maximum satisfaction. Our comeback record rate is at 70% and we have a pool of positive reviews to attest to that fact.
We seek Thornhill Ontario where everyone can rest assured of their safety when the doors and windows are locked and the lights go out. As such, we are committed to delivering dependable and solid windows we and the people of Thornhill can trust. The services of our window repair, replacement or Installation procured by our handymen are of the standard quality our business is known for and cannot be compromised because our handypersons undergo training in the know-how of window repair, excellence, and customer relations.

What Do We Do?

Our window and glass service at Thornhill Window and Glass Service extends to the replacement of broken windows.

We replace all sorts of broken windows like;

  • Vinyl windows
  • Wooden Windows
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Casement Style Windows
  • Car Windows
  • Louvre Windows
  • Sliding Glass Windows

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., our Broken Window Repair Services does not only stop at residential purposes only, it also extends towards non-residential areas like workplaces, public centers, storage centers, and mobile.

Broken Windows Replacement Thornhill, ON.

How Do We Work?

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., Our methods of service operations include the following;

  • A consultation session with an expert; here, we speak to the client about their old widows and their thoughts on the new one. We also advise them on the kinds of windows there are and enlighten them on their benefits to ensure they make the right choice. This is either done on a phone or physically.
  • We assess the damage levels physically to have a clear understanding of what is expected of us and the materials to use. We draft a quotation and send it to the client and await his? Her agreement.
  • We go-ahead to fix the windows by deploying a group of handymen to your location.

What Makes Us Different?

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., we have set ourselves apart from the competition by

Having a success rate of over eighty percent.

Providing money-back guarantee ads well as a warranty

Services being highly affordable

Offering a same-day delivery as well as other emergency plans

Your windows are just as important for your security as your doors are. Protect your home today by calling us at Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc. today!