Window Locks Repair Thornhill, ON

Window Locks Repair Thornhill, ON

We care about your security, you should too! Save costs by enlisting our services at Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. for your Window locks repair in Thornhill at unbeatable prices today!

  • Although generally ignored, the windows play a huge part in your overall home security. Remember any movie scene there is that after the front doors are locked, burglars still come in through the window? Now that is not just fiction, most burgling is reportedly done by breaking in through the window.
  • Shocked? Scared? About to take action? Perfect, but what more, is that a bad window lock repair is no better than a defective window lock.
  • Skip the quack locksmiths today and get your window locks professionally made by expert locksmiths in Thornhill, ON by calling us at Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc.
  • Think secure windows, think Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. , and call us at (Insert business number)

Who are we?

We at Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. are the leading window and glass business in Thornhill Ontario Canada. We are registered and licensed to operate in Ontario Canada and have served over two hundred residents within the time of inception. Our stock in trade is not simply a part of window and glass, rather we are versatile and our expertise cuts across all fortes of window glass services including; installation, repair, replacement, and formulation.

At Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc., We believe in the values of hard work, excellence, and amiable customer relations and as such, all our staff are trained in the same and are also not allowed to relate with or to offer services until they have reached the acceptable standard of service our brand is inherently known for.

We give back to society by ensuring we reduce our footprints by employing only eco-friendly materials. Despite this, our window quality is always top-notch, our installation, and repair services are also up to par; zero tolerance for mediocrity.

We are particular about security hence our dedication to taking every window service to detail for security and the employment of the finest locksmiths in Thornhill to join our team and provide you with secure locks and window locks systems.

Our Services

Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. Window Locks Services

At Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc., we offer solutions to all your window needs and even the provision of durable, safe, and reliable window locks. Our window locks services are as follows;

Window Locks Installation; we install window locks to newly installed windows for homes, offices, business, and even public centers

Window locks repair; we offer window locks repair on defective locks in Thornhill ON. We can repair all kinds of window locks from the latch and key to even hinge locks and so on

Window Locks Replacement; we also offer to replace old or fewer security locks with new locks that make for higher security for your home, office, warehouse et cetera.

Window Locks Formulation; our locksmiths also formulate personalized window locks for clients who would like the added security

What If you are unsatisfied?

  • We have always delivered and have never had an unsatisfied client!
  • However, if there is any, we then offer a fresh redo of our services!

Take advantage of one of our numerous plans and get your window locks fixed in Thornhill by contacting us today! Think secure windows, think Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. and call us at +(647) 277-5052

Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc. Mode of Service Operations

Upon receiving your call, we are mandated to respond within the hour by;


Offering you a consultation with one of our locksmiths, here, we discuss your security challenges and aspirations, Then we understand how to serve you better


Deploying someone to check the lock damage levels if you need a repair, or the amoul=nt of locks to formulate or purchase if you need a replacement or installation.


Then we draft a quotation and send it to the client.Upon agreement, we begin work by fixing the glass or taking out the old one and replacing it, or newly putting the locks in place.


Once done, we seek satisfaction approval from the client, once got, we go-ahead to draft up a warranty and then deliver.