Window Hinges Repair Thornhill ON

So, here are the chances.

You just closed your windows and are now short of breath from all the heaving and pulling.
Now, remember the days when closing your windows was so easy?

Those good gone days you never felt all your strength dissipating into thin air after closing or opening your windows.
You miss those days, don’t you? They do not have to be memories. The only reason your windows have become difficult to function properly is that you have got a busted hinge(s)

Here are other telltale signs of needing new hinges or reparation of the old one;

  • A creaking sound whenever the windows open or close.
  • Windows that do not stay in place; that swivel back and forth.
  • Hanging or bent windows.

Who are we?

Our Mode of Service Operations

Upon receiving your call, we respond within the hour by;

  • Offering a phone in consultation with one of our experts. Here we discuss your window hinges situation, look at the kind of window hinges peculiar to you and newer ones as well as their distinguishing factors.
  • We assess the damage; here, we deploy handymen to assess the hinge damage if we are going to be offering a repair; if not, a repair but a replacement or installation, we assess the frames. Rusted hinges could ensure wood rot, if this is the case, we may have to replace the frame before putting the hinges in place.
  • With our findings, we draft an estimation; we draft up the costs of what it’ll take to fix or repair the window hinges.
  • We deploy workmen; we deploy handypersons to handle the job, the number of the team largely depends on how big the job is or if it is an emergency repair.

Why Should You Choose Us?

It is in your best interest to choose Window and Glass Repair Mississauga because


We offer all our repair services within twenty-four hours or even less


We are well experienced in all kinds of window hinges; butt hinge, friction hinge, pivot hinges, concealed hinges, double action hinges.


We are reasonably priced and have flexible payment plans.

Save future repairs today by fixing your hinges as soon as you notice the slightest inconvenience. Call us at Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc.