Window Cranks Repair Thornhill ON

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Window Cranks Repair Thornhill ON

Do you need a window crank repair for your windows or your car windows in Thornhill, ON? Call us today at Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. and enjoy our experts’ attention to detail on all window crank service delivered in Oshawa today!

Abandon that DIY toolbox!
Quit the endless circle of time-wasting and energy-draining do-it-yourself window fixes. I mean, maybe now is just the best time to drop that DIY glue and take your phone, grab a seat and place a call to professionals today!
Save yourself the stress, save your time and get a lasting solution to your window cranks you never have to watch another DIY video again!
Call us at Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. +(647) 277-5052 today!

What Do We Do?

We provide window services that cut across all parts of window and glass services, we are your one-stop-shop for everything window. From window installments to repairs and basic fixes, we can deliver maximum quality. For window cranks repair, we offer the following services

Who are we?

Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. is the foremost glass and window business in Thornhill Ontario Canada. We are registered under the state laws of Ontario Canada to deliver window and glass services such as window aluminum capping, window caulking, and sealing, window casings repair, window locks repair, window hinges repair and window cranks repair. Our services also extend to replacement and installation service; window and glass installation of all types to both residents, non-residential areas, and even cars of various brands.

What do we stand for?

At Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc., we stand for excellence, integrity, and amiable customer relations. We seek a Thornhill, Ontario where the windows are sturdy, bankable, and at the same time not compromising in style, this fuels our drive for installing, replacing, and repairing windows to the tiniest details for safety as well as aesthetics purposes.
Integrity is the sense that our services are reasonably priced and you need not take a financial blow simply because you need to tighten your security. And our customer relations are simply of unbeatable quality.
All these are stated in our numerous reviews and are seen in the client recommendations we receive daily.
We are committed to growth and giving back to our society by; creating employment, supporting the SMEs, and supporting the earth by using Eco-friendly materials for our windows.

Our Services

Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. Mode of Service Operations.

Window and Glass Repair Thornhill provides all services on window and glass for residential areas and corporate areas. Our service package for window cranks include;

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

Damage Assessment

A damage assessment; as soon as you place the call to us, we send a handyman over to assess the damage if need be.

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We send you a quotation for the service we are to render and if there are any objections from our clients, we have the quotations reviewed to fit into the client’s budget.

Crank Replacement

As soon as we come to any agreement with our client, we go-ahead to search for missing pieces of the crank from the casement style window and then offer the fix or needed replacement to the window crank gear, window crank handle, or entire window crank.

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Emergency Repair

We also provide same-day fix and emergency repairs to your casement-style window cranks.

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We provide a warranty for all our services.

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Mode of service operations

As soon as you place a phone call to us, we respond by:

Why Should You Choose Us?

For flawless window cranks replacement, think Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Experts. For Window crank repair without damage to your casement window or Car, think Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. because we;

  • License

    Are registered under the state laws of Ontario.

  • Warranty

    We provide a warranty.

  • Customer-centered

    We are a customer-centered business.

  • Availability

    We are available round the clock.

  • Affordable

    Our services are reasonably priced.

  • Workmanship

    We have adequate workmanship.

  • Experience

    We are vastly experienced.

  • Emergency Service

    We offer emergency services too.

Take advantage of our discounts today and get access to a wealth of our services at Thornhill Glass and Window Repair Inc. today. Call us at +(647) 277-5052