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Thornhill Glass & Window Repairs inc.

Dealing with windows leak right now, spending extra on energy, and don’t know what to do? get it caulked and sealed today. don’t know about windows caulking and sealing? Contact us at Thornhill glass & windows repairs inc. today. We offer consultation services for all your windows needs. Call us today +(647) 277-5052

What you need to know about window caulking and sealing.

  • It is the most efficient and safe windows repair service available for old and cracked windows glass.
  • It adds to the original temperateness of the glass of your windows and enables windows glass to regain its original functionality like windows security and general outlook.
  • It helps prevent leaky and foggy windows and prolongs the life of your window glass.
  • It is an energy-efficient option in heating and cooling your home at relatively lower costs, helping you to effectively cut down your utility bills at least by 20%.
  • It is a low cost and better option for you than the whole replacement of the glass of your window.
  • Windows caulking and sealing effectively block out dangerous IR and UV rays by a special metal coating applied during the installation process. This prevents bleaching of your home furniture and helps you to effectively eliminate cool and hot spots in your home.

Who are we?

Thornhill windows & glass repair inc.

Thornhill windows & glass repair inc. is registered incorporation under the state laws of Ontario, Canada. We offer windows services such as windows repairs in windows glass, locks cranks, hinges windows caulking, and sealing. Windows replacements in windows glass of all sort I.e stained glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass, obscured glass, etc, windows installations as well to the good citizens of Thornhill, ON.
We believe in customer service efficiency and productivity. Swe employs a staff of every kind of windows specialty and trains them to meet company standards of professionalism and customer relations for the customer service cashiers to the servicemen. We believe in the security of the citizens of Thornhill, ON and thus we invest our time and money seeking lasting solutions that contribute to the functionality of windows and the convenience of our clients
We go for raw materials that are ecologically efficient and consumer safety, as we believe in the wellbeing of our immediate environment as well.
Whatever your windows needs or recommendations we are sure to be right on top of it. Contact us today for more on our windows services. Call +(647) 277-5052

Our Services

Why choose Thornhill windows & glass repairs inc. for your windows' caulking and sealing?

As a certified and foremost business in windows repair services like caulking and sealing, we do let you know that we are;

  • Credible; we provide customer commendations of our applaudable windows services rendered in windows caulking and sealing.
  • Low cost. True, with our windows caulking and sealing is a relatively low cost, cheap and affordable. Whatever your budget there is a quality window caulking and sealing service for you.
  • Efficient; our windows caulking and sealing is efficient in-service time and for future maintenance costs. It ensures your windows are functional again looking good as new.
  • Professional; everything advertised about us and our windows services is that good. We render professional windows and consultation services. with just one phone call away we get to you and let you know all you need to know about caulking and sealing your windows conveniently.
  • Warranty; we tender a warranty on our windows services such as caulking and sealing your windows. This enables us to uphold our brand and render quality service to you in any case of a default of damage in windows service.

How we do it.

Upon receiving your call,

  • Free damage assessment; We run a free damage assessment for intended windows checking for other damages that may impair our delivery of quality windows caulking and sealing to you.
  • Deployment; upon reaching an agreement we deploy professional servicemen to your home for windows caulking and sealing. During operations, we kindly do not disturb your privacy or comfortable surroundings as suits you best.
  • Quotation; we tender a free quotation concerning every material purchased to ensure you are served with quality windows services.
  • Affordable rates; our charges are highly affordable and payment plans are flexible. .
  • Warranty; a warranty will be made available for your windows' caulking and sealing in paper and as an email.

So get to us today for your windows' caulking and sealing.
Call +(647) 277-5052