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Having troubles with your windows again? Leaks or wood rots?
Your window frames are in danger!
Yes, as long as you don’t have windows aluminum capping.

Don’t know anything about windows aluminum capping? Contact us at Thornhill windows and glass repairs Inc. we render professional advice and windows services for all kinds of windows needs.
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Windows aluminum capping will save your windows the trouble of hazardous weather this season. It provides an extra harness for window frames, prevents quick aging and dilapidation of your window frames. With aluminum capping as cladding your windows hinges, locks and cranks are held in good shape.

Thornhill windows and glass repairs Inc. ensures primetime delivery of quality windows services that are sure to stand the test of time, cut down maintenance costs, and are energy efficient reducing your utility bills. We believe in customer service efficiency and productivity in the delivery of functional windows services. Call us today and we will get right down to you offering you the best windows recommendation there is to suit your window needs. Call +(647) 277-5052

Who are we?

Windows Aluminum capping Thornhill, ON.

Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc. is a foremost business involved in window and glass deliveries ranging from installation, repair, replacement, etc. We are situated in Thornhill ON, Canada and we are a registered business under the state laws of Ontario Canada.

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc, we aim to ensure the safety of lives and property in Thornhill, ON by providing our clients with safe, secure, and durable window and glass installation

We look forward to a Thornhill where safety can be ensured when the lights are out and the city goes to sleep by delivering excellent window repair and replacement services on all types of windows, window parts, and window glass.

Our workmanship and staff are residents of Thornhill in our bid to give back to the town through gainfully employing the citizens and also supporting the small and medium scale enterprises by purchasing a bulk of our work materials from them. Our services are reviewed to be of impeccable quality despite using eco-friendly materials.

Our Mode of Operations.

How Do We Work?

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., we function in methods particular to us only like:


Upon your phone call, we offer a phone in consultation with one of our experts who would enlighten you on the benefits and distinguishing factors of aluminum capping.


We send a handyperson to assess the job we are to undergo. We take measurements and then draft a quotation to be sent to the client all within the same day.


The client analyzes the quotation and then agrees. We could also work within the confines of the client’s budget if there is at all, any.


We deploy our finest handymen to your location and they begin the process of capping your windows in aluminum.

Why choose us?

  • As a customer, you demand the credibility of our windows services, and we are ready to provide you with customer references that we have served in line with your present windows needs.
  • We have so many budget-friendly recommendations to suit your windows needs such as windows aluminum capping. We ensure we work within the confines of your budget in providing you quality windows services.
  • Our windows services are quite reliable with components that are long-lasting with low maintenance costs. We believe your investment in windows aluminum capping will be worth it in the long-run.
  • Our windows services ensure security features are in place to ensure you and your family are safe at all times. All these windows features meet consumer safety standards and are ecologically efficient contributing to the general well-being of your environment.

Not only do you save costs by avoiding corroding, rotten frames, and hollow wooden frames by getting your frames capped in aluminum, you also improve the aesthetics and resale value of your home in the process. Take advantage of this today and contact Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc. at +(647) 277-5052 today!