Glass Replacement Thornhill ON.

Glass Replacement Thornhill ON.

Completely shattered glass? Stay away from the glass, get everyone away from the shards, and do not attempt a fix. For your safety and to avoid injury, contact us at Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc. today for our emergency window and glass service.

Are you in need of a broken glass Replacement in Thornhill? Then call us today, get the danger averted, save time, and have your windows back in place like nothing ever happened. Book our services at +(647) 277-5052

Glass Replacement Thornhill ON.

We at Thornhill Window and Glass repair have all forms of window services as our stock in trade. This includes;

  • Window repairs
  • Window replacement
  • Window Glass Replacement
  • Window Installation
  • Window Parts Repair,
  • Window Upgrades and Maintenance.

We are well versed in all forms of the above and this makes us your first point of call, and the last bus-stop for all window needs that may arise.

Who Are We?

Thornhill Window Glass Repair Inc. is a foremost window and glass repair business certified to render service operation on all kinds of window replacement, window glass replacement, window parts replacement, window repair, window glass repair, window parts repair as well as window installation of all types.

In the window repair business, we have been in existence for the past three years and in that time we have earned the trust of the people living in Thornhill ON, by providing them with safe, sturdy, and thoroughly repaired, replaced, and even installed windows. Because of our services, Thornhill is now a safer place for homeowners, public centers, and even corporate companies.

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc. we believe in five core values of work that are interwoven; honesty which leads to healthy competition and then efficiency, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction.

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair Inc., we have high levels of respect for our clients, and as such, we strive to make them comfortable, as well as happy with our service. Our customer relations are also the best in the city.

Our Services

What We Offer:

For Your Broken Glass Replacement, we offer:

Emergency Service

We understand one potentially dangerous broken glass is and so we offer to help avert damage or danger to persons and property by replacing the broken glass within twenty-four hours

Damage clearance

We help remove the broken glass from the window cases and clean up all the damage also at no further costs, but as a part of our Broken Window Glass Replacement in Thornhill.

Broken Glass Replacement

We offer to replace the broken glass with its kind or another type of glass. We offer a replacement on the following kinds of glass: fade glass, tempered glass, acrylic glass, double mirrored glass, etc.

How do we do it?

You should choose us because we,

At Thornhill Window And Glass Repair Inc. our services follow a strict format which is:


A consultation with an expert either phone in or physical. Here, we understand the types of window glass our client wants.


We draft a quotation of what it’ll cost t0 replace the broken window glass with the client’s choice of glass.


We deploy a team of handymen to handle all replacements to a meticulous and detailed finish.


We offer a warranty on the replaced glass.

Why Choose Us?

At Thornhill Window and Glass Repair, we have set ourselves ahead of the competition by: